Charles Williams

Solsinmotion is a counseling and personal development service that utilizes proven strategies for optimal results.

The aim is to help people live happier, fulfilling and loving lives.  Solsinmotion implements the B.A.D strategy (Believe, Act, Do) to assist anyone who is willing and ready to live in their best lives. This process starts from the awareness that our inner reality reflects our outer reality. Our bodies are our temples and for it to achieve maximum efficiency it requires the balance of mind, body and soul. The mind correlates with your thoughts, your body is in relation to your physical attributes, and your soul deals with your energy. Solsinmotion B.A.D strategy will help you achieve positive results in all three areas.

Charles Williams is the founder of Solsinmotion. Charles specializes as a counselor, therapist, personal trainer, Capoeira instructor, poet, writer, and producer.

Charles is an accomplished service provider who is willing to assist people from diverse backgrounds and ages. He has worked as a counselor for 10 plus years and a Life Coach Specialist with developmentally disabled adults for over six years. In these roles he has had unprecedented success assisting clients to deal and manage their mental health issues. Also, He has also worked as a Site Coordinator and Supervisor for the Summer Night Lights program sponsored by the LA mayor’s office, a counselor for Boys Town, and he has travelled internationally to Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, to work with the non-profit Levantamos, where he led an outreach effort to aid university students in professional development.

In addition, his background includes serving as a Producer for several high-profile entities, receiving two back-to-back Emmys for superior performance and success in developing content. Charles is dedicated, enthusiastic and compassionate. He enjoys seeing people grow, maximizing their full potential, and living the best life possible for themselves.

Charles attended the University of Santa Monica where he received his Masters in Spiritual Psychology. He also attended Howard University and received his bachelors in English and Communications.