Capoeira Collective

Charles Williams has been working out since he was a toddler.The moment he was able to run there was no stopping him.  As an adult he continues to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. He has played, competed, and participated in numerous sports and fitness activities. Through the years he has enjoyed the opportunity to use his experience and knowledge to assist countless people in achieving their health and fitness goals. He is an advocate for positive human growth and transformation through health and fitness. He is the founder and instructor of the Solsinmotion Capoeira Collective, which is a holistic approach that focuses on integrating the mind, body, and soul connection through the practice of Capoeira Angola. Capoeira Angola is an Afro-Brazilian healing art that combines dancing, self-defense, music, and spirituality. He is adept in teaching all ages and skill levels. Charles has lead workshops, demos, classes, and produced shows.

capoeira collective

Class Schedules

Tuesday Capoeira Collective Class East Side Cafe Caracol 

TIME: 7pm-9pm

ADDRESS: 5471 Huntington Drive North, Los Angeles, CA 90032

Sunday Capoeira Collective Class Griffith Park

TIME: 12pm-3pm

ADDRESS: 2700 North Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Dress: Sneakers, shorts or pants, sweat shirt or t-shirt. Please wear undergarments under clothing.


Sunday Rodas (2nd Sunday of Month) 

DATES: 11/12/17, 12/10/17, 1/14/18, 2/11/18, 3/11/18, 4/15/18, 5/13/18, 6/10/18, 7/15/18, 8/19/18, 9/9/18, 10/14/18, 11/11/18, 12/9/18

TIME: 2pm-5pm

ADDRESS: 5471 Huntington Drive North, Los Angeles, CA 90032