Charles Williams is a Spoken Word artist. He is also the Poetry Director for the non-profit Create:Fixate. He has been writing and performing poetry for twenty years. He has taught youth and adult writing and performance poetry workshops throughout the U.S. His workshops instruct and help students with finding their voice, writing techniques, and performance strategies. He is also an Emmy winning writer and producer, author, and founder of Freedom of Speech Thursdays a weekly artistic collective in Hollywood.

He really got into writing as a means of therapy. There was a point in his life that he felt he was not being heard and he felt his thoughts at times were overwhelming. Therefore, writing and especially writing poetry was a safe place to release and reflect. It wasn’t until he started sharing his writings that he realized that he wasn’t the only one experiencing self-doubt, anxiety, anger, pain, and the myriad of the other emotions that one can feel. He also came to realize the power of the written word and how it can lead to self and collective healing. Through his self-realization and consistent writing and performing PoetExpressionism was born. This is a stylized version of what he has coined Writing Psychology. It comes from a place of releasing judgment, to speak genuinely, and express yourself indiscriminately in a free flow format that can follow standard grammatical rules and poetic devices or be sovereign to one’s own creative impulses. There is no right or wrong, but all that is required is to allow yourself to be.

Freedom Of Speech Artistic Collective

Producer/Host weekly event every Thursday for all creative souls: poets, musicians, singers, comedians and those with the gift of gab.
Location: 5625 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Sign-in: Show is on Instagram and for info go to: @fos_thursdays


Create:Fixate Spoken Word/Poetry Director


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